How to Order a Shed Online

Shopping from the comfort of your home has become common and people can now purchase almost anything online, including Garden Sheds.

It is so easy and convenient it is almost hard to imagine the old days where you had to drag yourself from shop to shop looking at different brands and models.


Why is it easier?

Besides the obvious fact that it is more comfortable and saves you time, there are also other benefits such as,

1. You have more options to choose from and won’t need to travel far

2. ONLY supplies the best sheds on the market

3. You have well trained staff to speak to who know everything about our products including storage solutions in general

4. Best of all your products can be delivered directly to you!


How to make a purchase at

Buying a shed online is easy if you have done your research. You need to decide what you require a storage shed for and where it will go in your home before you start looking. This will give you an indication of what size and type you are after.

The purchasing process on is also very simple and it’s just a matter of following these easy steps:


1. Select your product

2. Choose the colour and accessories

3. Choose your preferred shipping option


Is it Safe to shop?


You may be asking yourself if you can trust an online shed retailer? And that is a very good question.

Unfortunately, there are many scam websites on the Internet these days and you do need to be careful when choosing who you trust with your money. Most people don't take the time to check a website’s credibility and before you know it, they have placed an order, which never arrives.

Luckily there are some great and trustworthy online retailers (much like us) who provide you with an ideal and safe platform to shop from. We deliver you with all the information you need to know about our operations and our products to make sure you feel safe and confident.

Please look through the following pages to help put your mind at ease:

~ Privacy Policy

~ Warranty

~ About us


Buying your shed online is the most convenient and time saving way to go, but be wary and smart about which retailer you trust.

Happy Safe Shopping!