Garden Shed Kits

Garden shed kits are basically flat pack garden sheds that allow for easy transportation of the products.

Breaking down storage sheds into kit formats and packaging them into smaller boxes makes it easy to transport sheds around the country and even around the world. 

Our kits are made in Australia and designed not only for easy transportation, but also for easy assembly.
They are designed for the DIY customer and very easy to put together, the entire assembly process is documented on videos here on our website. You still have the option to get a handyman to assemble the product for you, up to you. However, should you do it yourself, you can rest assured that armed with your assembly manual and step-by-step videos, you're up for a fun project.

We are more transparent about our manufacturing processes than anyone else, as a matter of fact as far as we know no other manufacturers have ever opened up their factory in a way we did for a recent interview.

Feel free to check out the entire factory tour below, to see how our sheds are made right here in Brisbane, Australia:



Garden shed kits are the easiest way to buy a shed online or offline as you can choose the one that suits your needs best from the comfort of your home and we'll get it delivered to you, regardless where in Australia you are based. 

We also offer flooring kits with our sheds that also come flat packed and very easy to assemble. The process is recorded on a few minutes video that you can watch below: