Slimline Storage Sheds the new and smart way of backyard storage

Slimline Garden Sheds are becoming more and more popular in Australia and it is no surprise, as our blocks are getting smaller and smaller as well. 

Our living places are shrinking, while our storage needs are growing, so the need for smart utilisation of the available space we have it more crucial than ever before.
Regardless if you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or the other cities or regional centres, if you live in the metro area (particularly if you are close to the CBD), you are likely to have a narrow block that can't just fit any sheds.  

Narrow blocks these days require slim designed sheds as they make it possible to be placed beside the wall of your house or fence. 

Our most popular slimline shed is the YardSaver F83 that is 2.8m wide x 1.07m deep and available in 3 different colours.

However, this is only one of our most popular slimline models and you can check out our whole range available using the above navigation and clicking on the "small garden sheds" or "medium garden sheds" tabs. 

Here at we only supply Australian Made, high quality products that you can trust.  

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