StoreMate - Everyday Storage Solutions

The StoreMate utility storage range offers compact units, which have tons of storage space and are built to be easily accessible. It has multiple openings and its key features are so unique, you will have to admit it will become your best mate in your backyard.

It’s is a great example of how storage needs and solutions can change and adapted to medium (and high density) urban living. Our living and storage spaces are getting smaller but on the other hand we all tend to collect more and more possessions each year. It is a glbal trend and our storage spaces are getting smaller and smaller while our possessions are growing to fast.

As always Spanbilt (from other ranges, such as Smartbild), is paying attention to global trends and listening to our customers, which is why they brought out the StoreMate. It’s the little details they take care of which makes their products not good but great.

On the below video, Krisztian from Cheap Sheds, leading online shed company interviews Kevin from Spanbilt and they go through all the features and benefits
of the StoreMate unit:

Key Features:

StoreMate Features

The hinged lid gives you easy access and it’s easy to open. It's locked into position with props.  No more bruises on top of your head!

~ It has a large wide opening door, which allows full access to your belongings.

~ The heavy-duty brackets in each corner are easily fitted to all eight corners of the building, which makes it really sturdy.

Heavy-duty ramp sections are used to give the shed stability when it's anchored down and make sure that the door operates smoothly and is secured when not in use.


Some popular uses for the StoreMate garden units:

~ Bike Shed

~ Wheelie bins storage

~ Pool pump cover

~ Quick access to sports gear or pool toys.

~ Wood box for colder climates

~ Gardenng equipment

~ Boys toys

Of course the possibilities are endless,it really comes down to your space and requirements. You are only limited by your imagination, which is exactly what Thava, a customer, had to use a pool pump cover to solve a tricky storage problem. He successfully built a mini space observatory, check it out here…


Sizes and heights:

There are two models in this range:

StoreMate 43

Size: 1410mm wide x 1070mm deep

Height: 1265mm at the front wall x 1480mm at the rear wall 

Opening with on front door: 630mm

StoreMate 53
Size: 1760mm wide x 1070mm deep

Height: 1265mm at the front wall x 1480mm at the rear wall 

Opening with on front door: 980mm

And because of the height, 1.26m, they will not over extend most fence lines or intrude on them in anyway.



With the StoreMate you can choose from 3 colour steels to match your home or garden, or you can opt for the standard zinc shed. Your three choices in the colour steel are:

~ Slate Grey

~ Smooth Cream

~ Rivergum

 StoreMate Colours


The StoreMate range uses the Spanbilt’s famous FastTrak assembly system.   The FastTrak assembly system is simple and just involves screwing the track and panel together. All the holes line up and the system is designed to be easy for anyone to do.

Each model also comes with its own step-by-step instruction manual. Every detail for every step of constructing it is outlined, from the components, building your walls, attaching your roof, where your hinges, where your brackets will all go.

Everything is included to make sure assembly is safe and stress free.

Security and Warranty

To ensure your belongings are safe, the lid and doors lock down and you can use a padlock to secure it.

There is also a hasp staple on the side, which will anchor the unit down to secure it from bad weather. This is vital for stability and safety.

These sheds are manufactured from top grade Aussie steel and has been tried and tested against all weather conditions. So you can rest assure that your possessions will be safe from all elements. However if that does not give you peace of mind then the 15-year warranty will!

These little units are ideal for any backyard no matter how big or small and have been designed to specifically hide away or improve the appearance around your home. So if you need a mate to count on, consider adding a StoreMate to your property!