What makes a shed a TRUE Aussie Shed?

With the world getting smaller and smaller each day, we have greater access to products from all over the world. There has never been a better time to experience things from other cultures right here in our own backyard. From a click of a button we can order an American Webber BBQ, or the latest fashion from Malan and have it delivered a few weeks later.


Even our own high quality, ‘Aussie made’ products are being sent all over the world so others can enjoy a bit of Australia. And our sheds are no strangers to being exported because Australia is one of the best manufacturers of steel garden sheds in the world.


We are lucky to have the best storage solutions at our fingertips.


But What Makes a Shed a TRUE Aussie Shed?

The first point is the most obvious but it’s the key to all the others…


#1 100% Australian made

Aussie sheds are locally designed and manufactured. Who better to provide for our needs than one of our own, people who know our country and what will do the job.

There are many manufacturers worldwide who make garden sheds from steel sheeting, however ‘one size’ does not fit all! Australia has unique weather conditions and terrain so we need products made for it.



#2 Aussie sheds meet Australian manufacturing and engineering standards

True Australian garden sheds undergo assessment from design through the engineering of the product. They must be approved at each step before manufactured and made available to the public.

These standards are often reviewed and sometimes small changes are made. This is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the Australian people.

For example:

~ They only use top grade quality tested steel sheeting
~ Colour steel is created by a burnt technique, which ensures it lasts unlike a coat of paint. It has been developed and tested to prevent peeling and fading
~ Each new model’s structural design must meet safety regulations and be stable so it won’t cause accidents and safe for the home


#3 Designed and tested against the Australian weather- safety and quality

The Australia climate varies all over the country and we can experience very extreme weather patterns from dry heat and drought to heavy rains and cyclones.

Australian sheds cater for these conditions and have extra structural support to enhance them.


#4 Flexible designs

Australia is such a big and diverse country and our dwellings vary to such a great degree. We have a bit of everything. From rural farms and properties, suburban areas and closed communities to apartment living and small studios.

Aussie sheds are designed for all Australian living arrangements.

What’s more, Australians are creative and have a love affair with sheds so the storage needs are diverse and sometimes very unique. Sheds have gone beyond the standard garden shed. We are now catering for the small business owners and working from home mums, hobbyists, who need workshops, budding astronomers and even many growing bands who need a place to jam.

#5 DIY

Australians are well known for their innovation and enthusiasm for the DIY industry. So it was perfectly natural to see Garden Shed kits making their way into the storage market. It has become a major trend and proved to be very popular. It not only makes the process of getting a new garden shed faster but also easier and cheaper! It’s a win-win solution.

#6 Affordable

Lastly it is un-Australian to make our own products un-affordable to our own people. That is why unlike some other local retail products, we have done everything we can to keep garden sheds affordable and available for the everyday person. There is a shed for everyone.

Quality and safety are a high priority in Australia and it should never be compromised for products like steel sheds. They become part of the home and add value to your property. So when adding storage solutions to your home, it is always recommended to buy Australian Made steel sheds.