Why trust Gardensheds.com.au to buy your shed

Buying a product such as a shed, carport and garage can be a significant investment on your part so it’s perfectly natural to be cautious and thorough when deciding on the right product for you.

We also understand that there are so many online retailers throwing deals at you and trying to get your money these days that you can easily become confused. You probably are worried about which brand to trust and if it’s safe to purchase such a large item online.

Well to put your mind at ease, you have come to the right place.

Our team at GardenSheds.com.au have gone the extra mile to set ourselves apart from the rest and have made sure we are always providing you the


~ BEST shopping experience

~ QUALITY information so you can make an informed decision

~ 100% Australian made quality products

~ EXCELLENT customer service which goes beyond your purchase


We are the experts and have been around for much longer than the other online shed stores. We are the original Garden shed store so we know how to provide our customers with what they need.


Not only are we experienced but we have also been recognised by the Australian Federal Government for our unique and dedicated customer service.

Quality Products

So what about our products? Well we only supply Australian made products at GardenSheds.com.au. They are designed and manufactured by Spanbilt one of the most trusted outdoor building specialists in Australia.

Their ranges includes

YardSaver garden sheds

Storemate compact storage units and pool pump covers

YardPro workshops and carports

Smartlocker slimline sheds with roller door

The products have all been tested against the country’s harshest climates to ensure they last a lifetime. Plus for those who need a little extra reassurance they also come with a generous warranty!


Say NO to Cheap imports

The biggest concern for online shoppers is if the products are the real deal. There are many inferior products being brought into Australia and sold to unknowing customers. These products are generally not tested to meet manufacturing standards and are made from low quality, thin steel.


They often will

* Dent easily

* Have missing or damaged parts

* Parts don’t align properly

* Will be damaged at the first sign of a storm.


GardenSheds.com.au products are manufactured using high tensile, top grade steel and have been designed locally to meet the needs of Australians and their living conditions.

So take your time to view our product ranges and feel free to contact our team who are well trained via our online chat, customer feedback page or even pick up the phone and give us a call.

Enjoy your shopping experience and remember if the government trusts us then you sure can!