YardSaver Garden Shed Assembly

Watch Amanda assembling a YardSaver, showing you every step along the way. 

Our YardSaver range of garden sheds are manufactured here in Australia for Australian climatic conditins and they assemble wiht the FastTrak assebly system.
Instructions are provided with every item however, we highly reccomend watching the below videos, so you have a visual overview of how they go together.

Step 1 - Preration

Step 2 - Rear Walls:



Step 3 - Front Walls


Step 4 - Side Walls

Step 5 - Joining Walls

Step 6a - Skillion (sloping) Flat Roof

Step 6b - Gable Roof

Step 7 - Doors

Step 8 - Finishing


Should you have any questions or suggestions about the assembly process or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.