YardSaver Garden Shed Range

Spanbilt is one of Australia’s top garden and storage shed producers and are dedicated to sourcing out the best materials for their products. Their best selling shed range is the YardSavers and it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. The range offers a variety of shapes, sizes and colours so you can really pick and choose which would suit you best.



Sizes and Height

The range has been designed with all Australians in mind. They come in a variety of sizes to fit any backyard, from slim narrow sheds, standard medium sheds to large garden sheds… they are suitable for anyone.


 YardSaver SmallYardSaver mediumYardSaver Large


…And these are only 3 examples from the massive range! As for height, the walls are 1.8m which is standard for garden sheds but still tall enough for taller people who generally struggle to navigate shorter sheds. Some sheds come with a gable roof, which will also provide added height at the peak.

Roof types

This range is custom made to meet different living situations, which is why each shed has been fitted with the most appropriate roof for its use. Depending on the shed, YardSavers can come with a:

Skillion RoofSkillion roof- sloped to one side for efficient water run off

Flat roofFlat roof- helps it fit under low eaves or used as an extra storage shelf

Gabel RoofGable roof- Provides extra head room and adds to its appearance


The range offers 3 popular colours as well as the standard Zinc shed. You can choose from the following colours to help blend in or complemented your home:

~ Smooth Cream

~ Slate Grey

~ Rivergum green

Windows and Doors

All YardSaver doors are hinged which are more reliable and safer than sliding doors. They are also braced for support and come with a lockable feature for added security. Some medium to larger models comes with either extra wide doors or even double door, making accessibility more convenient.

Delivery and Assembly

The great thing about buying a Spanbilt YardSaver is that it comes flat packed and will be delivered either to your home or depot depending on which option you choose. Kits package sizing can be found on all product pages to make planning transport easier for you, so do check them out when browsing. All the parts are included in the kit, which makes the assembly process very easy. These sheds are designed with the FastTrak Assembly system, which means you are able to put the shed up with no hassle.

Durability and Warranty

The manufacturers, Spanbilt, know that our country experiences some harsh weather, from extreme heat to cold frost, heavy winds and at times cyclones. This is why they only use top grade; high tensile steel for their sheds and their designs have been tried and tested against all weather conditions this country can throw at it. Even if that does not put your mind at easy (as it should) all models in the YardSaver range comes with 15 years warranty as well. The YardSaver range is a very dynamic range and has been designed with you in mind. So if you are after a great garden shed for your suburban backyard or perhaps unit or balcony, then you will easily find one right for you.


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